Lab services and testing

In-House Laboratory Testing

ABO Blood Type Finger prick test to determine blood type
pH strip Test Used to test urine or saliva for acid/alkaline balance
Urine Dipstick Test To check for infection, concentration of urine, blood, glucose, protein, ketones, and vitamin C status
Indican Test Urinary test to determine intestinal inflammation and toxicity.  A positive test indicates incomplete protein digestion, proliferation of harmful gut bacteria and permaeable gut wall (ie “leaky gut”)
Koenisberg Adrenal Test Urinary test to verify adrenal insufficiency, hyperfunction or adrenal exhaustion.
Zinc Tally Test Sample taste test for zinc status
H. Pylori Test Finger prick blood test to reveal antibody status or exposure to H. pylori,  a bacteria implicated in gastritis and ulcers
Heavy Metal  Screening  Test Test your drinking water for heavy metals (ie lead)Quickly obtain heavy metal urine concentrationMonitor heavy metal detoxification over time
Complete Urinalysis Test  Includes Urine Dipstick, pH testing, Koenisberg Test, and Indican Test

Specialized Laboratory Tests

Food Sensitivity Testing(Rocky Mountain Analytical)




Finger prick blood test sent to Rocky Mountain Laboratories for analysis of food sensivities and candida yeast build up in the gut. Options to test 96 foods or 5 foods plus candida.
Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Parasitology(Doctor’s Data)




Stool test for complete intestinal assessment. Information about digestion, absorption, bacterial & yeast overgrowth, inflammation and immune function. Detects presence of parasites, bacteria, or fungal pathogens as well as levels of beneficial bacteria.
Urine Toxic Metals(Doctor’s Data)




Measures urinary excretion of many toxic elements from the body (ie mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum)
Hair Analyisis(Rocky Mountain Analytical)




Predictive test for nutritional mineral status and toxic metal burden
Female Hormone Panel(Labrix Labs)




Salivary test for female hormone balance including estradiol, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEAs 
Male Hormone Panel(Labrix Labs)




Salivary hormone test for male hormone balance including testosterone, estradiol, DHEAs, and cortisol
Adrenal Function Test(Labrix Labs)




Salivary test for adrenal cortisol curve (tested four times throughout the day) to assess levels of stress hormones and adrenal fatigue
Organic Acids Test(Great Plains Labs)



Comprehensive urine test for amino acids, probiotics, sensitivities to casein and gluten. Great test for children (especially designed for autistic children)
Environmental Pollutants Profile(Rocky Mountain Analytical)



Urine test for common pollutants in the environment found in the urine (PCBs, benzenes, etc)





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