My First Visit

Before arriving to the initial consultation be sure to fill out the Patient Intake Forms. You can either download them here on the website or they can be picked up at the Alberni Natural Health Clinic in Port Alberni.

The first visit is 75 minutes and involves a thorough intake of the patient’s health concerns and health history. I explore the diet, energy levels, digestive function, hormone balance, lifestyle, and stress levels of each patient to determine the root cause of the presenting symptoms. For each patient I perform a physical exam, BMI weight measurement (measuring body fat %, muscle mass, water %), and a urinalysis test.  More comprehensive lab tests are conducted if needed to diagnose the condition(s).  For a complete list of tests available see Lab Services and Testing.  As a holistic practitioner I treat the whole person by addressing the physical, mental, and emotional components to health and well-being.  Clear communication is important, so I encourage you to ask any questions and seek clarification on your health issues and any treatment we prescribe for you. Often a diet journal and questionnaires are given on the first visit to fill out and bring to the second visit.

The second visit (45-30 minutes)  is usually 1-2 weeks later and will involve a complete treatment plan. This will be individualized, meaning that it has been designed specifically for your unique constellation of health concerns, and your ability to carry it out.   Your treatment may involve a dietary plan, a prescription of herbs, vitamins and minerals, a homeopathic remedy, a series of acupuncture or Bowen Therapy treatments, or an exercise regime.

The frequency of your follow-up appointments depends on the complexity of your health issues and a mutually agreed upon course of treatment.


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