Contact & Clinic Hours

Alberni Natural Health Group

4711 Elizabeth St
Port Alberni, BC
Phone: 250-723-9888

Tuesdays 9am-2pm
Wednesdays 11am-3:30pm
Thursdays 9am-6pm

Pacific Rim Chiropractic and Naturopathic Clinic

381 Main St.
Tofino, BC
Phone:  250-522-0033

I am not currently working at the Tofino office.

6 Replies to “Contact & Clinic Hours”

  1. Hi Dr. Doig,
    I would like to reorder the NFH Magnesium SAP–could I purchase 5 bottles of 90 capsules each please.
    Thanks so much and hope you are well. Take care, Pamela

  2. Hi there!
    I am hoping to book a consultation soon but I’m just curious how much the lab work will cost on top of the 75 minute first consultation? I believe I have some hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy and having my son 10 months ago, so can you tell me what some of the costs are for the saliva test and adrenal test for example? And any others that usually accompany someone who has recently(ish) given birth, suffers from anxiety for the first time ever- it feels like my body is just off and not running at it’s usual level if that makes any sense.

    Thank you!!

  3. Hello, Jeannie,

    Could I please order 2 bottles of IB Zyme?

    I can pick up at office or your home.

    Let me know how to pay. Thanks!

  4. Hi Lacey! Sorry I missed your message. The saliva hormone test with adrenal testing is $360. Please email me if you have any more questions!

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